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14 February 2020 Li Zhongwei

Hi, I am very glad to see such a Project about this epidemic. I am an artist living in wuhan, my name is li Zhongwei, and I hope to participate in the collective archive.

I have been thinking about what art can do for the disease in the past few days, but untill now, my answer is still Nothing. A few months ago, I thought about starting a research project: how does the way death is seen in different countries affect the creation of artists in this country? Perhaps this artwork is a good beginning.

I like this behavior from Open call. If the artist sends his works by E-mail, you will print them out on black and white A4 paper. Isn't this the current situation of wuhan?

Therefore, my art work is just a red square, which is also this E-mail, and it is also the act that you print this work in black and white.

Red is blood, red is China, red is the Red Cross society of China at the center of public opinion, red is also means fight.

Thanks again, my English is not very well, I am sorry if you have some difficulty in reading.

All the best,

Li Zhongwei


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