Dairy during the Wuhan Lockdown

Artist: Tan Tan

Category: image, text, video

This is Tan Tan's diary written in Wuhan during the lockdown time between January 23 and February 21, 2020. Every day, before midnight, she posts her diary on the ‘WeChat friends circle’ (a mobile-based social networking platform) with an image.

This image is the photo she takes in front of the same window at home every day. The building group across the lake in the picture is Central South Hospital of Wuhan University, which is one of the most prestigious hospitals treating the Coronavirus epidemic.

This diary is a work-in-progress, which can be updated during the exhibiting time.

In an offline exhibition, it is recommended to print each page of the diary on A4 paper, and tape them altogether on a wall. There is also a video work showing the everyday’s window view, in which one day is represented by one second.

This work contributed to this indelible time, and to mourn the dead.

Dairy during the Wuhan lockdown-Tan Tan
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