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22 March 2020 Zhu Xu

Hello teacher, I'm an artist from Chongqing.

My name is Zhu Xu. I made some small-sized paper works during the Chinese city closure. Then I used a feature in the app Meitu Xiuxiu to make a few small videos.

Please take a look, thank you!



"Blood Mountains and Rivers" indicates the first outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan and many people who died in Wuhan. so I painted the mountains in red like blood to express that China was in a mood of death and sadness at that time.


The work "You and Me" illustrates at the beginning of 2020, when all Chinese people were quarantined at home, everyone's mood was panic, helpless and desperate. To help out between relatives and friends is very weak and vulnerable, people can only take care of themselves and take protective measures.


"Sick Grandma" portrays two days before the Chinese government announced the outbreak, when I went to the hospital to visit my grandma who was paralyzed by cerebral infarction. She was very weakly conscious. She had her nails cut, her mouth cleaned, and she changed into clean clothes and sheets to welcome the Spring Festival, but no one can think of it due to the arrival of the coronavirus. The area where my grandmother's hospital is located in is a high-risk area, so they've shut down and only allowed the hospital staff to enter and exit. My grandmother raised me since I was a child. We had a deep relationship. I feel very sad about my grandmother's illness, so I drew this picture during the epidemic.


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