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22 February 2020 Zhang Jing

I’m Zhang Jing, I’m an artist and from Wuhan. I read the Open Call from ONTO Art Space and I’d like to submit my work.

You will find the attached files below:

the photo of my work, my CV and the photo of Professor Liu Shouxiang’s work.

"Tuscan Landscape"

by Prof.Liu Shouxiang

Info of my work:

“Imitation Exercise”

Watercolor Painting

10.8cm x 25cm

I did the work on 13rd February, it was the 22nd day of closing off the city. I got a terrible news on the morning that Professor Liu passed away because of Covid-19. I was shocked and felt incapable of doing anything. Then I found that he had been to Italy for traveling in 2016, and after that he did a series of Tuscan landscape paintings, I just decided immediately to imitate one of his work, it seems that I could dialogue with him by a ritual gesture.

*Professor Liu Shouxiang was the director of the Water color Painting Department in Hubei Institute of Fine Art.

Unfortunately the EMS Service is suspended in Wuhan, same with other express companies, otherwise I’d rather to send you the original work… 

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

Zhang Jing


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