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29 February 2020 Yuan Han

Hello, I see the solicitations from friends.

I returned to Beijing from Qinhuangdao a week ago to resume work. Beijing requires quarantined for 14 days after entering. This is a work I made during the quarantine at home. It aims to provide a way for fragrant men and women who can’t burn incense to worship Buddha.

Early morning.

About the work: Untitled

Artist: Yuan Han

Size: variable (mobile phone screen, mobile device)

Exhibition method: picture + two-dimensional code, hope that the audience can scan the code to participate

Good luck

Yuan Han


Dear Gaia,

It’s good to hear back from you, regarding the previous submission, I do have an updated version and also another digital work to go along with it.

Work: Untitled(burning incense and free captive animals);

Size: Digital screen(preferably smart phone);

Please note: how to display this work is entirely up to you, however, if possible, this is supposed to be an interactive piece which encourage viewer to scan the QR code and play with it on their smart phones. Just as the way it was created, during the period of isolation at home, the smart phone act as a portal to the world outside, also reflects to the world inside individual during the isolation period. 


Yuan Han


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