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16 February 2020 Wen Jing

Hi Luigi, 

Nice talking to you, I will try to communicate with you in English.

"Quarantine psychological aspects of sensory deprivation and isolation" is one of my works in the project "Braking Force Reinforcement". This project was shown during the outbreak time. The following link is the detailed description of the whole project (EN).And I think it also may explains my motivation and thinking.

Please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to share with you.

Best wishes,



< Quarantine-psychological aspects of sensory deprivation and isolation>

2020/ WEN JING (from Chongqing)

The current outbreak of the new coronavirus has forced many people to quarantine at home or at places designated by the CDC. This isolation is both outward and inward, and people seem to be undergoing a sensory deprivation experiment.

After taking medicine with tranquilizing effect, I recreated the sensory deprivation experiments performed by Western psychologists in the 1950s and recorded my EEG readings. A sense of peculiarity and the chaos of the ego took away my sense of balance. I hope to grasp the subtle coexistence of objects and subjects, depicting and being depicted, inside and outside, agency and absence, resistance and fatality, and from this fragile balance, imagine a deformed sensory experience within the threshold of meaning within the threshold of meaning.




Research #1


Research #2


Research #3


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