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22 February 2020 Luxi Liu

To whom it may concern,


I am Luxi Liu, a photographer in Wuhan. I took a photo with my cellphone at home, during the difficult time with the virus. 


Too bad I can't go out and get a print done, so I have to send you the photo by email: file 1 is in color which is the original art piece (just in case if you can help me print in colors); the other file named "2" is a black and white version as for if you can only help me to print in black and white.  As I took it by my phone (I wasn't thinking about this photo would actually go for an exhibition in the first place), this size of the art piece should be small, so it gave audiences the feeling of looking at a cellphone screen. Therefore in the files, I added a wide border on the original photo.


The story behind the photo is that, because of the staying home, my family started to do something normally we wouldn't do: clean-up the entire house and read physical books. Yes, I knew it would be quite normal if we are a diligent family, but we weren't. During the clean-up, we found a headlamp. The box was dusty but the lighting was in good condition. Clearly it was not in-use for a long time, none of us need it at work anyway. Then I used that as my night lamp for reading, this way I wouldn't need to get off the bed to reach the light switch. An idea came across my mind, I used my cellphone and timer to take this very special moment. 


We all know it sucks when you have to stay at home without preparation. However, at this difficult time, my family can find something practical to fill up their time. I want to record this true emotion and this is what I've got. It was dark all around me, but my head was bright! And I got quilt on me so I was warm, and I had a book to keep me company. I felt safe within the darkness. The darkness is like the environment outside of our house, but as long as we are strong and having faith, we won't be panic inside.



I name this piece "lighthouse" to make a pun on the "light" in the "house".  And also the lighthouse is usually a symbol of direction and hope. I want to pass on an idea which we should focus on something treasure and touching during the difficult time.  We need more self-moving and self-encouraging. And of course, I wish everyone who is safe at home has a light on their head, we need more clean-up and read more books, and we use that light to drive away the dark side. 



Bless everyone who suffers, our hearts are together.

Luxi Liu



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