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26 February 2020 Ge Yulu


Is very nice to hear about your plan from my friends. I hope it won’t be too late and my creation can help you to get closer to our feelings.

I usually do not have the habit of recording a journal, nor do I use sketching to record daily life. In the past I preferred to create some site-specific artwork. But now I was locked in my house and cannot go outside. I think it might still be possible to use some A4 paper to express my feeling. I will send you this A4 paper by express mail.

This paper is actually a result of my small performance. I kneaded it, folded it, and finally ironed it with an iron, trying to remove all the traces. 

I attached some photos of the process in this mail. But as you see, those things that try to repair and smooth cannot be restored to their original state.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Your sincerely,

Ge Yulu


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