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28 February 2020 Dong Mo

#Stayathome for the country #The10thday

#Stayathome for the country #The15thday

#Stayathome for the country #The20thday #Dr.Li Wenliang died

#Stayathome for the country #The25thday

#Stayathome for the country #The30thday

#Stayathome for the country #The35thday


Hello there, I'm Dong Qi, a university teacher who teaches design. I'm in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. 35 days have passed since the Chinese New Year. This is the 35th day at home because of the new coronavirus. In these 35 days, I think many people have experienced confusion, sadness, anger, touch, disappointment, helplessness like me. And I can't seem to do anything, the only thing I can do is stay at home. Attached is my diary.

Dong Qi








Dear Dong Qi, 

Thank you so much for sharing this work. It is very moving and communicative. 

Please keep sending more if this series continues.  

I was wondering how was the request to stay at home communicated to the people by the government and if this is a well accepted measure or if people are critical of it. 

We are starting to experience problems with the Coronavirus in Europe as well, but there is a lot of selfishness in the population or denial that the virus can strike here as hardly as in China. People are still hugging and kissing, throwing parties and very few people wear masks while the reported cases keep rising.

All my best



亲爱的董琪, 非常感谢您分享这项工作。非常感动和交流。 如果此系列继续,请继续发送更多。 我想知道政府如何将待在家里的要求传达给人民,这是否是一个可以接受的措施,或者人们是否对此持批评态度。 在欧洲,我们也开始遇到与冠状病毒有关的问题,但是人们自私自利,或者否认该病毒能像在中国那样袭击这种病毒。人们仍在拥抱和亲吻,狂欢派对,很少有人戴着面具,而据报道的病例还在不断增加。




Hi Gaia, To answer your question, the government originally issued suggestions to the public through news, chat tools, and so on. Do not go out for the health of yourself and others; the school where I work will daily ask the area where we are today through the secretary. Ten days after the outbreak was reported, access was not completely restricted. Many of my colleagues also went on vacation, but they were quarantined at home for 14 days after returning home. About ten days later, my city was based on the community. Check the identity to make sure that only the people in the community can go in and out, and take a temperature measurement. As of now, most people have not resumed normal work. I give students classes through web conferences.

The city I live in has a population of 8 million in Xi'an, and more than 100 people are currently diagnosed. These days, the growth has been controlled to zero. Of course, many people at home are angry, but they are more helpless. There are dissatisfaction with policies, dissatisfaction with inaccurate information tracing, dissatisfaction with inconvenience of life and restrictions on their rights. Closed down; there are shock and anger at the malpractice in the rescue, there are anger at the fact that the news is flying all over the sky and it is difficult to distinguish the truth from each other; It's complicated and more. But I felt more helpless. I felt very clearly that I couldn't do much. Although in the past two days, everyone's tension was relieved, and half of their normal lives were restored, but everyone still wore a mask, no primary and secondary school classes, and the restaurant had not opened. The situation in Europe is also paying attention, hoping that it will not become a Pandora's box that spreads across the globe.

Dong Qi (Dong Mo)

Hi Gaia,





董琪 Dong Mo


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